A confirmation of dates, but no date of confirmation.


Such a long time (again) since I last wrote anything. I'm getting a bit useless at this all lately. So, what have I got to say for myself, now that I am here. Well, actually, I'm not quite sure, but thought I had better write something before I got completely out of the habit and gave up entirely.

I have been to work, as usual, and have nothing of particular interest to report on that. So I wont write anything about that.

On the church front   (nothing like the "Peoples front of Judea", .... although,..... now I come to mention it). No.. only joking. Oh dear, You'll have to excuse my rather poor attempt at Monty Python based humour, it just isn't working is it! Back to the story........

On the church front, we have been going as usual, nothing of great excitement there, however, Mr Vicar, although he still isn't sure about whether the date he wanted for the baptisms and confirmations, is good to go, he is starting classes this coming Sunday, just to make sure, or, just in case his chosen date is on.  So....... yeehaa. There are 5 classes to go to, and I am really rather looking forward to it. There will be at least three others going as well, which is great. Not sure whether I should be taking notes when there or what is going to happen, I will just have to wait and see wont I?

This week (Wednesday), MLO and I are sneaking off to North Wales to a little hideaway in the mountains (part way up Mount Snowdon to be precise) for a few nights for a break and some peace and quiet. Originally, I had booked the cottage for four nights and we were planning to come back Sunday, late evening. But then the farmer whose cottage it was rang me up and said that somehow they had managed to double book us for the Saturday night, and would have to leave on Saturday rather than Sunday. At the time I was rather annoyed, but looking back, I wouldn't have been able to go to the first confirmation class if we had stayed the Saturday night  (I didn't know that at the time though). It has all worked out rather well I think. Big grins all round.  

So, there I am up to date, that really is it, so TTFN... 

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