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A poem from two days ago 

I see sheep in the air with stars in their eyes
Closing their ears to the worlds anguished cries.
I see wheat in the fields while hungry bones stare
And I see blind hands grabbing money - they can't see how to care.
While dry tears fall down a hunger dulled skin,
There's a stadium of cannibals cheering the win.
And an old lonely widow stares at the dirt on the wall,
While the whole world outside sits debating its call.
I'm rich therefore I am - bawl the majority vote
I'm safe and warm in my castle - see, I've a bloody big moat,
Nothing gets in, but I'll still throw my shit out
Ten points if it hits, "Did you hear someone shout?".
There's a world out there loved by the God they despise,
Blamed for their woes "Never hearing our cries".
"Religion's at fault, it's the thorn in our side."
But failing to see the rainforests in their eyes.
There's a climate of fear - the world's getting hotter
Mother natures packed her bags- "Quick somebody stop her".
But it's too late for that, see mankind has moved in.
I'll save the world - but where to begin?"
"Where's God when you need him in all of this mess?"
"It can't be our fault, we've all done our best"
"Well, the proof's in the pudding, if God exists,"
"He'll come down from heaven and slap all our wrists"
But when that doesn't happen, you say "Life, how unfair!"
"It would be far better for me, if He really was there".
"I can't have a new stereo, fridge or TV",
"You see, where God is concerned, it's all about me".
So when the job doesn't happen, you're not as rich as you'd like
And the love you once shared turns to a sense of dislike,
When all that you'd wished for, doesn't come true,
Well there's no room for God, 'cause it's all about you.

Light through the trees 

What can I
Say about
The light
Filtering through lime trees
Shelling peas
Till my fingers turned greener than grass.
What can I say
Of my life
Of cares yet unknown
Cared for in one
Yet ungrown
Into knowing or strife.
How could I know
That the flowers
Would grow and
Petals would fall
In the wind that blew through my soul.
What could I do
If I knew what would come
Would I stop
Before I'd begun
Stare at those trees
As they blew in the wind
In degrees
Turning seasons
And reasons
Begging for answers
As ransoms
For wrongs.
Silent music, as songs
That were sung
As cheerful as one
With the knowledge
That life
That this life
Was all there was
And for fun
Would I still sit there
And stare at the light
That filtered through those trees.
A dappling breeze
And a scent of a promise
Through speckles of gold on the ground
And found
That it wasn't enough
Would i pick up my axe
And cut down those trees
Trunk branch limb and leaf
A blessed relief
The light must be free
To have cut down those trees
And discover
A cloud
I cant reach
Beyond my control
A breach
Of what I understood
Now if I could
I'd put back the trees
Re grow the wood
But I cant.

My poem 

I look into the light,
to see what lies beyond.
For answers to my longing.
The ache within my soul.
Night turns to day,
but back to night again.
Your joy is ever present
but also is your pain.
I cry within for answers
but they're already known.
The moment that I knew you,
the seeds of love were sown
To trust in you is all that i can do.
No options left to decide, what it is that I should do.

To serve you lord,
serve all of man.
Is my souls deepest longing,
I'll do it if I can.
But how can I prove it,
what shall i say?
Who do I go to?
Do I do it today?
To live a single day on earth,
as your lovely son would ask.
Is all I can aspire to.
Such a gloroious, perfect task.

Tears pour down my face.
Is it that Im sad?
Perhaps tears of joy,
I could be going mad.
I really need to talk,
but I've said all that I can say.
So I'll say it without words.
Get on my knees and pray.

Life each day,
with you there by my side.
You guard me and guide me
I have nowhere to hide.
If I ran,
You'd find me there.
But how could I ever leave,
A love so true and fair.
A prayer

Lord, fill me with love
Like the love that you have for me.
Let me be able to love you, all your people and your creation the same.
Lord, fill me with hope.
A hope for the future, both ours and the earths.
Like the hope you have for us all.
Lord fill me with joy.
Like the joy you have in each one of us, your creation and mankind.
Lord fill me with faith.
A belief in a Heaven on earth.
Just as you have faith in our ability to achieve it.
Most of all Lord.
Fill me with your grace.
That I may fully appreciate the
love, hope joy and faith,
You have for me and for us all.
And that I may also have love, hope, joy and faith.
In you, all people and all the earth.

Another poem 
"No way " said I
To one who cried
the mantra
For I knew more than he
So I believed

"No way" said I
to one who cried
in tear stained notes
of agony
And wept. And I
declared "I know!"
So, I believed

"No way" said I
to the one who cried
"You doubt in me?"
"But why?"
The looked at me
with purest love and humility.
So I believed. 

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