All done.

Nice new design, all done and dusted.
I may get round to posting something written at some point.

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Redesign time again.

If you happened upon this website,  and wondered to yourself why it looks so disorganised? I have been doing a spot of redecoration.  Things are in the wrong places, and it just doesn't look quite right. Normal service shall resume shortly. Thankyou.

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Oh. Where has the time gone?

I really (yet again), have no idea where time has gone. After starting the course last September, I have hardly had five minutes to myself (that's how it seems anyway), and as a result, things that I would have thought about doing, have been pushed aside or forgotten, in favour of course work, reading for the course or other similar course based pursuits. In the six months since September, I haven't picked up a single book for pleasure, and to be honest I feel quite sad about that. Reading for me once was an escape of sorts, something to relax with. Now, although I find what I am reading incredibly fascinating, and leaves me wanting to find out more; the simple joy of relaxing with a good novel has gone.
Although I am not complaining too much really. After all , it was me who chose to do it after-all. The first term was study skills, sounds a bit babyish perhaps, but I think it was essential. I wouldn't have had the first idea where to start writing academically unless we had done this first. (Doesn't mean I completely remembered what we were taught into the second term tho' (tut tut)). Term two was incredible fun, studying the varied Christian spiritualities. From the Desert Fathers, through to modern Celtic Christian spirituality and everything on between. For our work we had to choose one spirituality in particular, demonstrate our understanding of it by a written work, and to write an Ash Wednesday liturgy in the style of our chosen spirituality (I chose Celtic in a hybrid of modern with a bit of ancient).
Starting last term and continuing next we are required to do an individual study for the one module. I had no idea what to do for a long time, but in the end settled on the Rural Church and the Role it Plays in Rural Communities. I haven't done anywhere near as much work on it as I should yet, and need to get a move on with it, before next term starts.
Next terms study is Connecting beyond the Church. I think that's what it is titled anyway. Should be fun. Problem is, I am constantly being distracted by my family, who the second they see me on the computer decide they need something doing. Or they decide to put the tv on loudly. Peace and quiet where I live is non existent. The only time I have found where I can guarantee peace has been between about midnight and five in the morning. Not a particularly healthy way to go on, when I also have work to go to, meet up with my mum, shopping, cooking and everything else. By the end of each term I was utterly knackered to put it not so politely. The net result of my lack of sleep and almost constant daytime distractions, led me at the end of each term to really consider giving up. But I have been convinced otherwise by others. Trouble is I really am enjoying it so much. I don't want to give up. But we'll see how I get on with it the last term. Better to complete a year and leave, than to go part way through.
My post appears to have turned into a total whinge fest, so I will sign off for now, and hopefully post again soon. Plus I need to sleep.

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