Up to date for now.

It took me rather longer to get back than I anticipated, so must apologise for the delay.

From Burnham Deepdale, We made or way back to the campsite to start packing up ready for leaving on Monday morning. When we returned to the campsite, the transformation was amazing, from being packed to the gunnels when we left in the morning, to being practically deserted on our return. And so quiet, we were originally a little peeved when everyone turned up on the Friday and then the Saturday, but it was great fun watching everyone doing their stuff. The campsite seemed almost eerily quiet that evening. 

Next morning and we had a nice early start, and got everything packed away into the car, then we took down the tent packed that all up and put it in the car and we were good to go. We had intended to call in to the village stores in Stiffkey before we left, but there was nowhere to park up. We carried on along the coast road towards Cromer,  stopping at Salthouse to climb up on the shingle bank and stare at the sea for a while. After shaking all the small pebbles out of our shoes we headed off towards Cromer again. When we arrived, we parked up, and walked into the town. 

It is quite a sweet place, nothing special, but nice and quiet. We had a wander around the place for a couple of hours, then , as it was getting towards lunchtime, MLO said we should have some fish and chips as we were beside the seaside, so off we went to find a suitable purveyor of our chosen lunch items. That done and the good purchased we went off to sit on a bench outside the church (the wind was way too fierce to sit looking out to sea, and the church was a good shelter form the wind). We ate our lunch and decided to go into the church and have a look round (what a surprise eh?). As we walked in there was a huge map of Britain, with pins in it that people had stuck in, to show where they had come from. There were a couple from near to where we lived, and we stuck in a pin for here. Then we looked around the rest of the church. Quite a nice bright and airy church, but with a fair bit roped off, so we couldn't see all of it. The tower was open for climbing up, but neither of us were feeling particularly energetic, so missed that, though we may do it next time we come to Norfolk. 

Then it was time to leave for home. As we were lower down Norfolk we decided to cut across country rather than going back up towards Peterborough and across from there. So worked out a route that came home via Norwich, Cambridge, Bedford, Milton Keynes Buckingham Oxford and Gloucester. It took a while longer  than the journey over, but that was due mainly to there being mile after mile of roadworks by Bedford. Much more interesting traveling that way home and much less tedious than cutting across from Coventry to Peterborough . 

Anyway we got home about half past nine and had to unload the cat right away as MLO had work on one of his farms early next morning. 

I went back to work on the Thursday, so had a couple of days rest at home to get over the holiday. It was good to be back at work actually, surprised myself how good it felt to be back.  Work went without incident, Mr and  Mrs Boss were away for the weekend in Italy, so nice and peaceful about the place.

On Sunday, it was back to church again, and it was nice to be back there again. Back to normal. Monsieur Vicar, said it was nice to see us again and have us back which was nice. He asked us how our holiday was. That service, as it was our evening worship rather than a communion service the vicar had a lady from the other church come and lead the service, who wants to be a vicar. It was a lovely service. She led very well, not sure I would have the guts to do it myself,  infact the idea of doing it is too scary to contemplate. 

Last week passed rather uneventfully, it was weekend off again, so met Mum in Hereford on Saturday as it was here turn to come down here. Unusually for a Saturday MLO wasn't at the football working, so had his company all day too which was a lovely bonus. After scrambled eggs on toast at All Saints, we wandered aimlessly for several hours, not doing anything in particular.  I suggested that we could go to the Evensong at the cathedral, everyone seemed in agreement, so we wandered over just before half five and settled down for the service.  Mum enjoyed it, MLO enjoyed it, and I enjoyed it, so all happy there, just hope they didn't mind three people turning up with shopping bags in tow, spread all over the pew. Mum caught the train back at eight o clock.

Yesterday, being my Sunday off, we went to the morning service and the evening service. The morning one was a morning worship service, so all sorts were going on. There was a man called Shem there, who was headmaster at the Archbishop John Sepeku secondary school in  Dar-es-Salaam in Tanzania, which a few of the teachers from the Bishop of Hereford's Bluecoat school had visited.  The Diocese of Hereford was twinned with three in Tanzania, and three projects were chosen by the Bishops of the three Dioceses in Tanzania, of which the school is one. It was opened in 2004, but is still desperately underfunded and the headmaster 's dearest wish is to enable him to grow the school to reach even more students, but cannot do so without more building work, and money for basics such as textbooks. There is an old chapel there which he would love, to be restored, and several blocks of buildings are unfinished, even the kitchens still have no roof on them. He came to talk about what had been done, what needed doing, and what was needed to do it, a basket was set up at the exit of the church for people to donate money for the school as we left. The evening service was also very enjoyable as we had no organist, and no other means of accompaniment, so we all sang a capella (if that is how you spell it, I'm not certain).The first hymn was an interesting mix of several different tunes all vying for position, I cant remember what that one was though. The second was a resounding success Alleluia. Sing to Jesus. Which everyone one knew, so we sang our hearts out, it sounded great, the organ really wasn't missed for that one. The last hymn was Breathe on me Breath of God, great MLO and I thought, we know the tune to this one too, so this'll be a good one too. Unfortunately the person who got us started also knew the tune, but a completely different one to the one we knew, but we just about got the hang of it by the last verse.  Still good fun though. After the service as we were getting ready to go, the vicar said that the confirmations would probably be in January, but he just had to book the confirmation classes. seems by that comment that he wont be doing them, just so long as he doesn't stick us on an Alpha course, I don't worry who it is, but it would have been nice to have the vicar. But then again, my hearing really isn't the best perhaps I misheard, at least I hope so. 

Well, there I am up to date again, sort of. I didn't include today, I thought I had wittered on enough already, so will do today tomorrow or the day after.  

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