Last week, and today

Well, here we are, another week, and another month, and still nothing much to write about. Pathetic isn't it? Anyway, as I am feeling fairly game right now, I will attempt to convey a witty and amusing post full of hilarious anecdotes from my last week. Then I will stop; and realise, this is me we are talking about here, and give up. That sounded a bit miserable didn't it, it wasn't meant to though, as I am certainly not miserable in any way. 

Back to the last week, and it has been one of those all or nothing type of weeks, very quiet and slow, or full tilt ahead busy. Last Monday started off well enough, washing day as usual,Tuesday work, as usual. Tuesday was one of the crazy busy bits. Attempting to stick  three stamps each, on almost a thousand envelopes, and being expected to do it single handedly in just over an hour and a half, with several customers and a stock delivery in between, not sure whether to be flattered that they thought it possible of me, or otherwise just annoyed that they didn't have any idea how long it might take, and then being peeved at me for not managing it. Anyway help was drafted in, in the form of a driver, yard supervisor, cleaner and girl who should have been on her day off. Three quarters of an hour later we had finished , at last.

Wednesday was another day off, so I went to raid the local library for some brain food. Had a wander round town, then back home.

Thursday work again, interminably quiet day, Friday work also, quiet again, but not so bad as Thursday. Saturday and Sunday were also work days, and both went without incident.  

Sunday afternoon was church again, and it was Harvest Festival. The church had been decorated beautifully the previous day with all manner of flowers fruit and veg, including loads of lovely wild plants, fruit and bushes. We had taken a box full of tinned veg, meat fruit and drink for the harvest festival, as we arrived I stuck my head round the door, the place was full, but no other boxes were in evidence, and decided I must have misread the previous weeks pew sheet, so MLO left the box in the porch underneath the bench. Anyway, we went in and had to sit quite near the back as it was so full, which was brilliant. The sermon, rather than just thanking God for our harvest, for what we had been given, The vicar gave us a printout showing how much is spent on various aid packages, in comparison with how much is spent on wars, government bailouts, various company profits and individual peoples worth, the differences were shocking.

As we were leaving and talking with the vicar, he said he would know the final date for my confirmation date, on the 15th of this month. All I currently know is, that it will be in January sometime. 

Anyhoo, Yesterday was a day spent in the garden and doing tons of housework, today as is usual for a Tuesday, I was at work, although I did get to rescue a baby toad this evening at work, I found it hopping across the floor of one of our store rooms, so cute, and only just over an inch long. I got it to crawl into a big glass bowl, then took it outside and popped it in the garden of the people next door. Hope they didn't mind.  

There you are, all up to date. Not much to tell though. Sorry.

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