Dunnocks and work

Again, quite a long time since my last post, never mind though I'm back now. Has been another quiet couple of weeks, hence the long gap between posts. Have had a longish week at work this week, as the other girl was off to Yorkshire, I had to cover her, so ended up doing 11 hour days most of this week, you have no idea how glad I am that I don't need to get up for work tomorrow. MLO has no work either, his mum is also off in Yorkshire, on a coach trip, so will be a lovely peaceful day at home.

Has been quite cold here, we have had the first proper Autumn mists and fogs, I love the smell of Autumn mornings, and the way the mist and fog muffle sounds, so everything seems all quiet and mysterious. This morning, as I didn't have to get to work till 9 , the sun was well up in the sky, and a mist was rising all through the trees and the fields, which looked so gorgeous, I couldn't resist taking a picture of it.

It turned out to be a lovely sunny day today, and not that cold once the sun got going. For a change, there wasn't any church this evening, instead people from the evening church could go to a service at the cathedral celebrating twenty five years of the St Michael Hospice. The reason we went there instead, was because Mr M one of the people who is part of the church was one of the original founders all those years ago. He is a doctor, and the reason he started it along with another woman called Freda Pearce, was because he was so frustrated with the lack of proper care provisions for people with terminal illnesses, and after visiting a hospice in Birmingham (I think that is what he said) St Barnabas, he was so moved and amazed by the warmth that he received from staff and patients alike, that he decided to try to start a hospice in Herefordshire. 

Roll on a few years, after finding a suitable site, they negotiated with the sisters from the local convent, who agreed to let them have the land at a rent of £5 per year (I am sure that's what was said), and building work was started. 

A few other people talked about their part in the hospice, a ward sister, a daughter of someone who stayed there, and a couple of the other trustees and founders. The cathedral was almost full, and along with readings, poetry and some great hymn singing, was a brass band playing as well as the wonderful organ.  It was a lovely service.

A few days ago,  Thursday, just as I was closing up the shop, I heard an odd noise, I  looked and caught something out of the corner of my eye, a small dark object traveling at great speed around the shop, coming to a halt when it rammed into the large glass of the window. I looked at it and it turned out to be a poor little sparrow that had flown in at some point and couldn't find its way back out. I managed to pick it up, the poor thing was terrified (obviously) and also quite stunned, so I held it in my hand for a minute or so till it had calmed down. It was so warm and small. I then  had a customer who needed serving so held the sparrow in my hand for a couple more minutes, so it couldn't fly round the shop anymore, it really didn't appear to mind it all that much, once the customer had left, I thought it had better go back out, but I first wanted to get a picture, so out came the phone. The little sparrow was utterly unfazed and appeared to haver made itself quite at home on my hand, as I held it open, it didn't want to go anywhere. I went outside and held my hand up for it to go, but it didn't budge, so I shook my hand a little, still no sparrow, no go. I held my hand downwards, and the sparrow shinnied up my arm. Daft creature. So I looked at it and told it it really couldn't hang about on my arm all day long. the funniest thing was when it looked right at me, it must have been concussed,  as it blinked at me as though it sat on peoples arms everyday, and I was the one who was a bit daft for attempting to remove it. Adorable. I then told it in no uncertain terms that it really did have to go, and with one last blink, it left. 

Thinking about it, looking at the little thing, it couldn't have been a sparrow, as it has the wrong bill, I am guessing that it was a dunnock now.

Anyway, up to date again. So I am off to bed where I plan to stay until at least eight o clock in the morning. TTFN


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