Confirmation date known. :-)

Great news. :-)

Mr vicar, finally, was told when the Bishop would be able to come and do the confirmations: January the 10th. Not long now! As he (the vicar) had planned for a confirmation class on the 10th, he had to change it, and I think we are all meeting on the 3rd, with a bit of a practice run through one evening that week. Not long now. :-)

Yesterday, we had a whistle stop tour of the bible, and how everything all fitted together, how certain stories in the old testament are mirrored in ways in the new testament. To begin with he had us all on the floor drawing out our family trees, starting with us, and going back. We then talked our way through our family trees, explaining things as we went. Then he spoke about the bible and how the books within it are grouped, and what the significance of that is. He explained it in a way that definitely made sense.  He went on to tell us about the family trees of Israel, mainly from Abraham to the exile.  It seemed much more enjoyable as we seemed a bit more involved in things, rather than just sitting round talking.After going through the new testament, it was time to go. 

Earlier on yesterday it was morning church, and the nativity play. Which was absolutely lovely and gorgeous. Children everywhere. And pretty much a full house too. The church looked lovely aswell, there were stars all over the walls sparkling and, streamers across the church hanging down and shining, plus an enormous Christmas tree in the corner. I hadn't really felt all that festive, but with the play, the decorations and the great happy mood, I definitely feel festive now. 

Yesterday evening was country church. There was quite a few more people there than the previous week, but the new people from last week weren't there.  We sang one of my favourites too,  In the bleak midwinter, to end the service. 

Yesterday, we also put up our Christmas tree and decorated it. Now it most definitely feels like it is almost Christmas. The town church and country church both have their carol services next Sunday, which I am really looking forward to, and Midnight mass which I am also really looking forward to. Not sure who will be doing the service though, as Mr vicar will be doing the town church, and we will be going to the country church, so we will see. 

Oh well thats it for now I think, I have work tomorrow, then meeting up with Mum on Wednesday, so may post again this week. 

TTFN for now. 


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