Will it snow?

Rather sadly, I am currently sat in the study intently staring at the nearest outdoor light (when not typing this that is), watching for snowflakes falling. We have snow forecast you see. And if there is a single weather type that I love more than any other, it is snow. Here is a little robin who was staring straight at me last year when it snowed, just asking for his picture to be taken. 
Have just got off the phone after talking to mum, she was busy gloating about the fact that is snowing up where she lives in Birmingham, rubbing it in because she knew it wasn't here. Grrr.  However, tomorrow she is off to Ipswich to stop with her brother for Christmas, and whilst here in Herefordshire we have a fairly good chance of seeing some snow at some point on Christmas day, over in Suffolk, the forecast is for a very wet and mild Christmas day. 
Met up with mum in Hereford on Wednesday to have lunch and exchange gifts before she went off. Was a quite cool day, but thankfully stayed dry. Had a good look round the shops, but didn't get much. Did get a couple of extra things for mum. 
Currently I am rather cold. There is no heating in the study, and am togged up in various jumpers and things,have two carol services to go to tomorrow, so that will be fun, especially if it finally manages to snow.
Not entirely sure why I chose to blog right now, but the excitement is too much I had to write about the fact that snow is on the way.  I'm worse than a child when it comes to it really, that's what MLO says anyway. 
Will probably blog again tomorrow after church. TTFN for now. 

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Steve Hayes said...

Christ is born! Glorify Him!

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