Cue the violins

Ah well.
Here I am again. Today was a bit of a hard day at work. Still not feeling well. (Violins would be quite nice actually). It was a long and hard day. Very wet cold and rainy. Never particularly busy. But I just felt so useless, lethargic, and with a bad stomach pain to boot. Thought I was feeling a bit of an improvement as the evening went on, but the closer I got to my finishing time, the more I realised, I was beginning to feel pretty bad again.
Once home, I tried to eat, no joy.

OK. That was an almighty whinge fest and I apologise. All done with now. :)

Good things? Hmm.

I've been loving a music service called Tidal this last month. They give a one month free trial of the service. I was more than happy to take advantage of their generosity. The awesome thing that sets Tidal apart from the others, is that they stream music at lossless CD quality, way higher than the normal mp3 quality of at best 320kb/s. At a rate of 1411 Kb/s, I have been blown away by the quality and although the cost of the HiFi streaming is £20 per month, I am seriously considering continuing. The sound is amazing. I was lucky enough to get a free pair of top of the range Sony MDR 1R earphones a couple of years back. This music is what they were made for, they literally sing now. Lower quality music doesn't do the earphones justice. To say I'm loving music would be an understatement. Everything is so clear, every single instrument stands out instead of being lost in a sea of sound.

Anything else good? Erm not right now. I'll report back again at some point.

Ta ta for now.

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