Colouring in for adults

Hello again.

Time for another post methinks. Not sure what I'm  going to talk about, but I'm sure that something will come to mind as I go along.
Well, today I have a very rare thing indeed. A day off. Not by choice as such, I'm just feeling a little bit poorly today. (cue the violins). So, I had a lie in, not that I really wanted to get up to be honest. But I cannot sleep all day. So I'm up, and making the most of the time that I have at home.
I wasn't too popular when I rang up this morning to say I couldn't come in, but hey, never mind. I never take time off, so I,ll not let it get to me.

Tuesday night was girlie night with my two best friends. Plenty of drink, pizza, and laughs by the gallon. Just what was needed. Life can be too serious sometimes. As was usual we came up with madcap ideas, from inflatable tables with built in indentations for food and glasses. Inflatable butlers, (not sure what use they'd be) and anything else that wasn't inflatable, but could be made inflatable.  Not sure what our preoccupation with all things inflatable was, but it was fun at the time. The night went on well into the next day. I remember seeing the clock at 5am. So a very good night was had by all.

I decided to rearrange my bedroom a touch yesterday; but,  as is usual with me I'll start off doing one thing, then find myself sidetracked by something I find and end up doing something completely different. This time it was the hundreds of books I had amassed when I was studying at Worcester . I did consider whether I wanted to get rid of them. They would certainly clear up a massive space on my bookshelves, But, I found myself reluctant to do so. They represented a huge investment, not only monetary but also time wise. Plus, I'd have to find something else to put on my shelves in their place. Empty bookshelves just look odd!

I think I'll have a bowl of vegetable soup. see how that goes down. Then I may or may not have bit of a play on Guild Wars 2. Either that or photoshop messing.

I have also just rediscovered the joys of colouring in. There are hundreds of books aimed at adults, so I thought it would be a fun and relaxing timewaster. It is.
Anyway. May post later on today.
But for now. Byee...

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