Getting things off my chest.

Hello again.

It has been a few days since I last posted, so felt it was high time I wrote something new. Even if only to get things off my chest so to speak.

So what precisely have I been doing with myself? Well, not a lot as usual, bar working. Most of my life is spent at work, I'm beginning to think it is my main life, and going home is the bits in between. Not so sure that is how it is supposed to work, but never mind eh. Although, to be fair, I do enjoy work. Mostly.
Today, a friend and I became marshalls. Our software system that connects us to shell, and that controls the fuelling at the site was being upgraded so we can now accept payment via mobile phone. The system allows the customer to scan a QR code which is placed outside on the pumps, which will automatically connect them to Shell through the Shell app, it will then automatically authorise the pump to start fuelling. Once done, the customer can fill up, and press the pay button on their phone. This works by linking up to Paypal. No cards, no queueing, no anything much bar filling up and leaving. I want to be the first one to try it out at work, but I haven't seen any of the QR codes up yet, so we have the capability, but no way to do it. Which is annoying.

Anyway. Back to the marshalling. Our system had to be taken offline for about 3/4 hour while it was upgraded. During this time no fuel could be dispensed. So we needed to be out there explaining to people what was what, and to try and get them all lined up nicely.  Everyone did as they were asked, and so everything went swimmingly.

Last Sunday was a bit of a mare. We had the customers from hell. Not one of us escaped the wrath of someone who was less than happy. Each time we were on the receiving end of abuse was because we had asked someone for their proof of age. Straight away they then ask someone with them to buy what they had asked for. We can't serve them either, but they don't want to listen when we try to explain why. They take it very personally indeed. And usually get very abusive and threatening.
Thankfully we were busy, so they left eventually. A friend suggested that a 50,000 volt taser may encourage a far more mannerful behaviour. That made me laugh, and definitely cheered me up.  Not that I would, mind.
Anyway. Got that off my chest. A far lovelier customer felt so sorry for me they bought me some cider and gave me a fantastic hug. Which was really lovely and appreciated. Some of it went down very well that night too.

Wednesday, my day off was such a lazy day for me. I had a very rare lie in. It was fantastic. Nothing happened that day. I read, went online, listened to music. Such a lovely day.

Anyway. That appears to bring me up to date.

So au revoir mes amis.

Till next time.

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