Memories of the Mill Inn and Chedworth Villa.

Well. Time for another post I guess.
Last Wednesday was my mums day to come down to Hereford. We ended up in the Cotswolds again. Don't know what it is with that place that I find so appealing lately, but there you are.
The plan was to go to a village called Withington by Chedworth roman villa, more specifically the pub, (The Mill Inn) for lunch. Unfortunately best laid plans and all that, meant we ended up carrying on to the services on the motorway for a  refreshment break. So instead of going via Cheltenham, we ended up going via Gloucester Services and Stroud, Bibury and Northleach and many more miles of lanes. Lunch was an impromptu picnic purchased at the services, eaten at leisure at Chedworth Villa. And the only visit Withington and the Mill Inn got was in passing to get back to Cheltenham. Never mind. Mum had fun looking at the mosaics, and I had a lovely long walk up into the hills above Chedworth. Which was fun, except for the National Trusts obsession of putting in steps everywhere. Hills are much easier to negotiate without there being steps. But maybe that's just my opinion on it, other people may prefer them. The weather was glorious for most of the day which was good.

I remember the first time I went to the Mill Inn, was when I was 14. A group of us were doing our Duke of Edinburgh practice expedition there, walking from somewhere the far side of The Duntisbournes, via Chedworth, Withington Andoversford, and up and over Cleeve Hill. We were at Withington and really needed the loo. The Pub had  had a fire, and were renovating the place and they were kind enough to allow us to use the loos. Ever since I have had a bit of a soft spot for the place, and have taken everyone I know back to the place whenever I get the chance.
Chedworth Villa has a similar place in my heart. A year or two later, another friend was doing the Duke of Edinburgh and invited me to go with them on their expedition, this time we walked from Chedworth to Cirencester. We ended up at the roman villa for a few hours and we spent most of it attempting to race the roman snails there. Not very successfully tho.

My working week has been pretty much a case of same old same old. Nothing exciting happening. Except G came back from her temporary exile. Which is fantastic. We are losing A next week though. Which is quite sad, love working with him, he will be enormously missed, he's off to become a chartered accountant, which will be a bit of a change to Locks. O is leaving in  September to become an Air hostess. Which will also be quite different. So lots of changes at work in the near future. Lots of plans for leaving dos tho. Which are always fun. Go Karting looks like it will feature heavily. Awesome. Have warned everyone I'm extremely competitive, I'm likely to run them off the track in an attempt to win.
Anyway, I think Ive run out of things to ramble on about. So will take my leave. TTFN.

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