Hello Again.

It's a few days since the last time I posted. I figured it was time I updated.
So, what have I been up to? Not much really. Sorry.

On Wednesday I met up with my mum as is usual every other Wednesday. We began by deciding to stay in Hereford, and had a good few hours wandering round all the shops there. Several coffees were consumed, lunch was eaten. Salad by the way. I visited an art shop (I've forgotten their name :-( ) along Widemarsh street, and they are running a colouring competition. For adults. Well, I had to didn't I. No cost to enter, but lots of lovely prizes to be won. I'm such a kid. Anyway out I came with two separate entries. Oh, and a new pot of pens to help in my endeavours. It had to be done lol. Anyway. Much wandering later,  Hereford is getting a little repetitive. (sorry Hereford). When a call came from the blue asking we fancied a bit of a drive to Monmouth. Well, I'm not going to refuse an invite like that am I? So we pack in and off to lovely Monmouth. Wander round waitrose and return. Just in time to pack mum off onto the train. A good day was had by all.

Thursday was work, as is normal for me on a Thursday. Friday followed in a similar pattern. Nothing exciting happened. And Saturday (today in fact) also did much the same. So. There you are all up to date.

The past two and a bit weeks, I decided to go strictly vegan again. Id done it for about a year, then somehow got into bad habits again. I lacked the willpower to really go at it again. But, for the last couple of weeks I've been doing well. Starting to feel a lot healthier again, brighter and lighter I suppose is how I'd explain it. Made an awesome vegan paella last night. I have fodder in Hereford to thank for that, as they stock an amazing vegan chorizo that is so tasty its criminal. Anyway I had half yesterday with some avocado stirred in, and had the same again tonight. Being vegan is an awesome way to avoid chocolate. Which is far too delicious. I just can't eat it.  No trying to say to myself that just one piece won't matter. Its totally not allowed. unless it's dark. But that's another matter.

Another thing. Windows 10. My computer has downloaded it a couple of times, but the update has failed to install. Go online, read. Try all fixes. Nothing. Even the Microsoft one adding stuff to the registry didn't solve it. Grrrrrrrr. Rant over. But I want it. Now.......

Anyways. I'm off now. x Byeeee

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