Sunday dear Sunday.

Sunday dear Sunday.
Hardly my favourite day of the working week. But, it is all over now. And, as an added bonus, I left a full half an hour early. Joy of joy. So was back home before I would have normally left work. Lovely. To be honest though, it wasn't a crazy full on day at work, just steadily busy all day.
A lovely surprise awaited me this morning when I arrived. Someone who used to work with us, who had left many months previously, has been re enlisted to the Locks cause. Which is super awesome. One of my favourite workmates of all time. So really glad to see her back.

Yesterday in contrast, was I think, the busiest Saturday since I started over two years ago. The queue for ice creams was unrelenting, as was the queue for everything else. I was incredibly glad to finish. A never ending stream of people is incredibly hard work. especially when all I want is to curl up into a little ball somewhere dark and quiet and tell everyone to leave me alone lol. But I wasn't alone in my thoughts yesterday. Pretty much everyone was frazzled by the end of it.

Since I decided to become a vegan again, I seem to be losing my appetite. Not healthy. But somehow when I get home, the idea of food, does not outweigh the thought of having to prepare it. I'm getting seriously lazy in my old age. Any suggestions very welcome. People have joked that it is no wonder I have no appetite, since vegan food is bland and uninspiring. It isn't, it's so full of bright clean flavours, I just don't have any motivation to eat. I'll get over it eventually I guess.

Anyway. Nothing much else to report.


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