Duck for tea

Well it was an exciting day weather wise, a little bit of everything thrown in for good measure, rain, wind, sunshine, clouds, thunder, lightning. I love watching thunderstorms, so long as I am warm and dry inside. Not so sure I would be that enthusiastic about them if I was stuck out in one though.
Yet again, it was an excessively quiet day at work. Highlights of the day were when the sandwich man appeared, and the old goat Paddy turned up for his daily moan. H e had brought up a load of birthday cards that he wanted writing out, poor old bugger can hardly write, but he can at least read, well enough.
Had a grilled duck leg with cabbage and potatoes for dinner tonight. Scrummy, I haven't had duck for ages.
MLOs mother had to go for a colonoscopy (bumcam I suppose you could call it), to try to find out why she had been anaemic. Although since the doctor gave her some iron tablets a few months back, her blood count returned to practically normal almost immediately. But as she was in for anaemia, they have to do the tests. She was dreading it, not so much what they might find, but the sheer embarrassment of having someone you don't know shoving something up your posterior. Anyway they were pretty pleased with her, and didn't find anything for her to worry about. So happy all round. She had a lovely meal of lamb chops and tons of veg to celebrate, as yesterday she was on a bit of a fast, and had to take two noxious drinks to flush her out, most unpleasant, she spent a lot of the day in the loo.
Work again tomorrow, hopefully the day will be busier as it is the weekend.
Must depart now as I am far too late again, so Good night and God bless.


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