I wish I knew what was going on

Today is going to be another of those two for the price of one posts. Sorry I didn't blog yesterday, but really, I was bushed. Hardly surprising as MLO and I had a lovely long walk, but still no real excuse.
Being Bank Holiday Monday, the original plan was to go on a full days walk somewhere with a picnic somewhere during the day too. However, the weather forecast didn't look too promising for our area, so gardening was done while the weather was dry. We then left to go shopping, and eventually got round to our walk at just after four. Decided as it was easy to get to, we would walk up in the woods above the village of Mordiford.
There is a legend of a dragon in Mordiford. A little girl, Maud was out walking in Haugh wood, when she came across a little green creature with wings .. She liked it so much she took it home with her. On arrival at home her parents were non too pleased, realising what the creature was, but allowed her to keep it after she pleaded with them to let her. She decided to keep it in the woods, and fed it on milk. Unfortunately the dragon grew, and grew, until milk was not enough to keep it going. So it graduated onto killing livestock, small animals first and eventually sheep and cattle,     then the villagers.  All the local villagers were terrified as no-one dared go near it, all except Maud who the dragon trusted. Eventually a local criminal Garnston decided he would take the dragon on, and hid inside a cider barrel, and armed himself with a bow and arrow. Along came the dragon, and spying Garnston tried to eat him, however Garnston managed to get an arrow fired which pierced the dragons heart, thereby killing it. Sadly for Garnston though, he never received a reward, as the dragon incinerated him with its dying breath.
Walking through these woods today, you can well imagine a huge green beastie roaming around, they can be quite creepy at times.
Well on our walk, MLO and I had a lovely long talk, all about how I felt about everything, how he felt about it all aswell. It is an odd feeling though for me right now. Things seem to be getting clearer, whereas before I only had a vague (but certain -ish :-)) notion of it all, now little details are filling up the gaps, and it is making a lot more sense to me now (sort of), making it easier for me to talk about it .  I said to MLO that it was like being stood at a road junction. Only one way will get me where I need to get to, but unfortunately there are about a thousand different roads to choose from. At each road there is someone shouting about the merit of going on their road, but I have to listen to try to hear the correct one. Now, the thousand road have become tens, and it is becoming easier to try and make out what each direction is saying. I probably didn't use the best analogy there, or put it particularly succinctly either, but it is what I told MLO, and is the best I can do.
With things getting clearer, I have a feeling growing in me, a certainty almost,  like something has been set in motion. It is a good way to feel don't get me wrong, almost like when I make decision to do something, and I can't alter my decision, but have to wait for the outcome good, or bad, and just accept it, as the outcome is completely out of my hands now. Not how I would expect to feel, as I haven't done anything lately, not that I recall anyway. Most odd. But like I said, not bad, not at all bad.  It really does feel like  I am at the beginning of something, an expectancy that something is going to happen. So I will have to wait and see.
While driving home from our woodland walk, we decided to follow a footpath for a little way across the lugg flats and by the river. Rather lovely walking though a flower meadow in full bloom even if most of the flowers were just buttercups. We enjoyed it so much we thought how lovely, it would be to walk that way to church on Sunday. A couple of miles down the hill, over farmland, through flower meadows and following a river to Church. What could be nicer?
Work today was excrutiatingly quiet, half term is responsible for that I think though. I haven't been able to stop grinning again today. If I get any smilier or happy than I already am, people will begin to think I am a bit deficient.
Right now I feel shattered, so will blog off for now. Au revoir etc etc etc.


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