Dont worry, be happy.

Ok. I have decided. Made a decision. Etc etc etc. If I dont get to talk with the vicar, I will chill. I will not fret. Wont panic or get worried or anxious. I will just go with the flow and see where it takes me. If it takes me somewhere I wasnt expecting then I will go with that. And if I dont end up where I hope I end up, then I guess thats what God wants, so I will be glad about it.
The sun is just breaking through the clouds as I write this, warming up the place after the cold wet start. A sign of a more promising day ahead.
Maybe it will encourage a few more customers to venture out. Has been a little miserable and lonely here without the regulars coming in for a chat and a moan. I seem to be the local agony aunt stroke mobile and computer person stroke weather girl lately. Not that I mind I think it is rather lovely and sweet that they think I will be able to help them. Plus it is a good excuse for a long chat.

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