Another day outside

Not sure what happened yesterday, I fully intended to post, but I failed. No excuse is there really.
It was quite an uneventful day too. But then I never seem to have anything that interesting or newsworthy happen these days, so have to content myself with the humdrum events of everyday life as it is at present.
Got up at the usual time. Had my usual breakfast and left for work at the usual time. I got there as usual, and did all the things that I usually do. Had my lunch as usual, and finished at the usual time. Then got home. That was my day. Absolutely nothing happened. No-one exciting came in, no interesting or funny (as in ha ha) phone calls. The weather did what it did without being particularly exciting or extreme. All in all , a nothing of a day.
Today has been slightly more interesting, in that I didn't have to go to work. When I got up, I said my prayers (as I usually do when I get up, not for any special reason), then went downstairs. MLO and his mother were in the garden already, washing pots off. (I didn't get up late, they were just early, honest guvnor). I had a coffee and went out to join them, moved a few things around, potted a few things up, and then took a few photographs as evidence that the garden can look good sometimes. (Give it a couple of months and it will look a mess again, I guarantee).
After doing a few jobs, I decided to have an early lunch, so had some spinach and ricotta tortellini, with a little bit of smoked salmon. That was exceedingly yummy. Had another coffee, and went back outside.

In the back garden, is an old bench that had been painted a few years ago, but was in desperate need of a little TLC. So I got out my sander, and dremel, and stripped it bare. It looks gorgeous now, and I am seriously wondering whether I should repaint it or just seal it with something clear. I also used one of the attachments on the dremel to sharpen all our garden shears and loppers, they look pretty mean now, plus do a marvelous job of cutting again.
I am currently sat in the study, looking out to the evening sky, the moon looks nice and bright tonight.
Will be going shopping shortly, to get our supplies for the next few days at least. I feel in need of some seriously carnivorous grub tonight, so I think a nice lamb chop or a thick steak are in order. Will see what looks the best when we get to the shop in Hereford.
Anyway, am just about to have another coffee, get changed then go out.If anything particularly mind blowing happens, I will report back tonight, otherwise, I will report back tomorrow as usual. So ttfn, au revoir and goodnight.


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