Well, somehow I managed to neglect to update this blog yesterday. Probably due to the fact that I was utterly and completely knackered. Have no idea how I managed to be so tired. Started the day off well yesterday. Had a pretty busy morning at work, which was a nice surprise on a Sunday.
Came home, had a shower, helped MLO in the garden with the mowing etc. Went to the recycling to get rid of all the grass cuttings paper and glass for the week, and then went straight to church.
When we got into the church MLO said he was sure he recognised someone in the front pews, he looked again and realised he did, it was his and his mothers vicar from his and her regular church.He put this down to the fact that another of the congregation had mentioned to us that he knew them when we first went to the church. We sat down, then the vicar entered, well surprise surprise, it wasn't our usual, it was the vicar from MLO's church. This would be interesting.
Up until this point MLO's mother had no idea that I had been going to Church at all, and certainly I hadn't told her about everything else, and my reasons for returning to Church.
Problem was both she and MLO are very good friends with the vicar, so MLO said it would be awkward explaining why he appeared to be unfaithful to his regular church, and also awkward because his mother would then find out we had been going there.
I would have gone to MLO's regular church if his mother hadn't forbidden him from taking me with him. Her reasoning was that she was embarrassed to be seen with me, mainly due to the fact that I wasn't a proper farmers daughter, and the fact that she has never appreciated the fact that her son isn't exclusively hers anymore.
I am glad that the people I meet everyday are nowhere near as bigoted and judgemental as she is.
Anyhow, at the peace, the vicar gave me a lovely hug and called me sweetheart. Made my day. At the end we had a lovely long chat with his wife and explained that it was for me that he had been coming, but didn't explain why I had wanted to come in the first place. They told us to say hello to MLO's mother and to tell her they may pop round one day this week.
When we got home and MLO let slip where we had been, she flew off the handle. Stupid, stupid woman, she behaves like a spoilt idiot sometimes. She later went on moaning that it would be all round the village now that they had seen me. The fact that I have been with MLO for practically 14 years now, and nearly all of them have met me in one way or another around the place meant nothing to her. She calls herself a Christian, but she is the biggest hypocrite and bigot imaginable. I just wish MLO would try to make her see what she is like, but he wont. She seems to assume that everyone is the same as her in her attitude and views. Thank the Lord that they aren't is all can say.
Another thing was that I had made up my mind to tell the vicar what I felt and everything else, I had psyched myself up for the task, and that all fell apart. Will have to tell him when I see him next. Was a bit odd though having a different vicar appear. No mention was made of the regular, or where he was, so I have no idea on that. Probably on holiday I assume. At least I hope.
MLO's mother stayed in a mood all night because of us, or rather, me, to be more specific, having been there.
She seemed a little less stroppy this morning, but still obviously in a mood.
We did outside again this morning and afternoon. Did the brickworlk round the back of the house with the pressure washer. Amazing how much muck seemed to come off them, and how green some of them had gone, especially round the bottom layers of brick. Pleased to report that they look much nicer and redder now.
I have work again tomorrow, not really looking forward to it, as I am still having trouble sleeping. Hope I can manage more than four hours sleep tonight, but we will see.
Popped out to the nearest garage for some milk this evening, and MLO bought three small strawberry trifles for us, so have enjoyed mine. Erlier on today I boiled up the remains of a chicken and made some stock from it, which was then turned into a delicious soup with the adition of some asparagus stalks, leeks and potato. It was delicious, it really was. All gone now though.
Busy listening to Elgar on Spotify now. Thinking I really ought to say my evening prayers, as I have left them very late tonight. So I had better get on, and say ttfn, and goodnight ne and all. Au revoir mon amis.

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