A quiet Wednesday

Today, Wednesday is one of two days that I don't have to go to work each week. So I have spent it at home today.  I did some housework, went shopping for a short while, spent time on the net, cooked, ate and washed up, then back on the net again. A very uninteresting day altogether. I did manage to find the charging cable for my mp3 player, so was very happy about that, but on the downside, the earphones have given up on me and only work on the left hand side. Bit of a bugger really.

The weather today has been pretty warm, but we have had a few showers of rain every now and then. We did see the sun too at times, so not a bad day overall.  It is supposed to be quite warm tomorrow, which will be nice.

As it has been a quiet day for me, I am racking my brains trying to think of something to write about here. I suppose I should give up trying  to think of anything, and not bother to write anything till tomorrow, when at least I can write about work.

Oh well, I cannot think of much so I give up. Night night one and all. Am off to bed now with the sound of "The Priests" singing "Ag Criost An Siol", a beautiful piece of music that really helps my prayers when I play it. I think it translates from Gaelic into English as:

Ag Criost An Siol, Ag Criost and fomhar 
With Christ of the seed, with Christ of the harvest 

I n-Iothlainn De, go dtugtar Sinn
In the granary of God, may we be taken 

Ag Criost an Mhuir, ag Criost an t-iasc 
With Christ of the sea, with Christ of the fishes 

I lionta De go gcastar sinn, 
In the lines of God may we be entwined. 

O fhas go h-aois, is o aois go bas 
From growth to age and from age to death 

Do dha laimh a Chriost anall tharainn 
Your two hands o Christ hither draw us. 

O bhas go crioch, ni crioch ach athfhas 
From death to the end, not the end, but all eternity 

I bParrthas na nGrast go rabhaimid 
In paradise of the blessed may we reside.

If you haven't heard it yet, then take a look

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