A descision has been made.

Was an uneventful day today all told. Nothing happened. Got up, went to work, worked came home, ate dinner, washed up and went on the computer (where I still am now).
Having a particularly cheesy end to the day at present, busy listening to Andy Williams croon away on Spotify. What a brilliant thing Spotify is. If you aren't using it yet I highly recommend it. Free and legal. I love it.
For dinner tonight I did a spicy spatchcock chicken with salad and rice. Rather lovely it was too, if I do say so myself. MLO seemed suitably impressed with it as well, so result there.Have to have a shower yet tonight, as I wont have time in the morning for one before I go to work. Then lunch, time in the garden hopefully and church. I am still going to tell the vicar tomorrow, but come tomorrow, I will probably bottle it, knowing me (which I do fairly well).
I thought I would stick a photo on here of the church I will be going to tomorrow night, as it is really quite lovely. Not one I took mind.
Like a quite a few other churches in Herefordshire, it has a lovely black and white tower, well some of it is. Apparently part of the nave dates back to the early 12th century, and Edward Elgar used to cycle here from his home in Hereford city, to play on the lovely organ there. So that's quite interesting isn't it?
Inside the walls are whitewashed so it is beautifully light inside, and it still has proper pews, not chairs. Out of the two churches I go to, I think this one is nicer in a way, I suppose it is because it is a rural church, rather than the town one I visit on the alternate week. (The reason I do this is due to the fact I work every other Sunday morning, so cannot get to the morning service at the vicars town church every week, so go to his other church for the Sunday evening service instead. Works quite well I think. Not sure what the vicar thinks though, probably just wishes we'd make our minds up which one to go to and stick with it). Another plus point is that at the evening service, we get to sing hymns. Which I love. The morning service doesn't have hymns, but at 8:00am on a Sunday morning, I doubt anyone there has the energy to sing.
Am busy wondering exactly how I will word what I want to tell the vicar tomorrow. Do I just come straight out with it, or circle the issue and hope that he brings it up instead, but I suppose that would be hoping too much. After telling him I want to be baptised and confirmed, will he want to know why? If he asks, it will probably make it a bit easier to tell him. I expect what will happen though is he will say he's busy, and to call the parish office to make an appointment.
I have just opened a can of diet Vimto, which I utterly adore, it is definitely my drink of choice, has been since I was a kid, that and Irn-Bru, which is almost as gorgeous. Funny thing is, Vimto has become our number 1 selling drink at work, everyone seems to like it these days, but for a very long time, you didn't seem able to get it anywhere, bit like Victory Vs, I love them too.
I have just realised, tomorrow is Vocations Sunday.... I guess he will assume I am only saying something because of that, I expect his sermon will be about that , oh I dont know, but then neither will I know if I dont say a thing. GRRR I could scream sometimes, it is my own silly head that is doing it, I should really just trust God on this, I certainly trust him infiniely more than I did, My overactive mind and imagination seem to take over occasionally, which really isnt good.
Anyhoo. The time has come the walrus said, to think of many things, like sailing ships and ceiling wax and going to bed, and things.
Night night on and all.


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