After looking at my site report, to see where people are coming from, and what pages they are visiting,  I like to see what pages they have come from. Sometimes they get here from a google search on completely unrelated things, however, rather confusingly someone got here whilst searching for the  Bri**sh  nat**nal   p**ty ,  and even more worryingly, I am shown as the 3rd result, second only to the Hereford branch's blog,  when searching for Hereford, Fownhope and b*p. Must be quite a shock when they reach my blog, almost certainly not what they would expect. I just want to say, I have nothing to do with them whatsoever, at all. Nothing, zilch, nada.  I can only presume, that one of the blogs I follow, had made a comment on the dreadful results, but it has come up looking like I support them in the search results. Which I don't. Just want to make that clear.

Thank you.

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Steve Hayes said...

I find that too -- peopple come to my blogs looking for the strangest things. A fellow blogger once found a lot of people came to her blog looking for "stuff to do on Sunday of you're bored" or variants like "stuff to do on Sunday if your board". I wrote a blog post commenting about this, and it is the all-time top post on my blog.

Eventually I thought it might be cheating people, because it was commenting about people looking for things, rather than what they were looking for, so I wrote a genuine one about stuff to do on Sunday if you're bored, making some suggestions about what to do, but it's not nearly as popular as the original.

FullOfHopeAndJoy said...

Thanks for reading and for the reply.
I will never work out how google works, or other search engines for that matter. A friend has been trying to get a site of his listed for ages, to no avail, I didn't even try, and there it is.

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