The vicar's got a fanclub. :-)

Friday again, already.

Wow, where did the week just go? Has been an odd couple of days at work today and yesterday. Had a brilliantly busy morning, but then in the afternoon, quieter than it has ever been.  It really is no good at all. 

I have been feeling a little offish the last couple of days, I felt pretty rough yesterday, and actually got to bed at nine in the evening, which is utterly unheard of for me,  I eventually surfaced just after seven this morning. Ten hours sleep. I didn't feel tired when I got up, which made a nice change. My poor old tummy has been suffering a little lately, disagrees with everything that I eat or drink, so have given up on that as much as is possible, wont do me any harm though.

We, that is MLO and I, were going to go to a special church service yesterday evening at the town church we go to, all about the churches vision and values, and to get together as a congregation to discuss where we felt it should be going, although the vicar had already set down the main values he felt we should be going with. Anyway, we arrived and parked up, I said to wait as the choir was still  practising. Few minutes later most of the choir left to go home, and other people started to arrive for the service/meeting. There must only have been about fifteen of them, Unfortunately neither MLO or I recognised any of them, and we supposed they went to the ten am service, rather than the  eight am we usually go to. The other thing was, there was not one man going in to the church. Every last one of the people going in was a woman, and all looked to be in their forties.  Methinks the vicar has something of a fanclub forming there :-) . MLO and I ended up not going in, as it would have felt a little bit uncomfortable,   MLO said,  "There's no men, I'm not going in there.".  Can't say as I blame him either, there was no way I was going to go in there, not unless there were a few more men, or even just a few more people in general.  Enough moaning about that for now. 

Right now, I cannot think of anything else to write about. oh, except that my rather naughty mobile phone has decided to delete the entire content of my applications and games folder, for reasons known only to itself. Has left me mystified, and a little annoyed, as some of the applications has had several things saved to them. Have been trying to get replacements for them all, but drawing a blank with some of them. But I cant do anything about it now, so no point moaning too much is there.

Oh well, night night one and all.


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