Saturday night. Sunday morning.

Saturday has been and gone. So too has Friday, where did they both go? The whole of this month, and the last few months too has gone by in a whirl. Someone is nicking time, has to be.

Was pretty spectacularly stormy again yesterday, lots of thunder and excitement in the skies. Love it. As a result, although today was rather hot, it wasn't so muggy as it had been. The perfect day for being at the seaside however, I only think that for the simple reason that I would really have liked to be there rather than at work. Work itself wasn't really all that bad. Not overly quiet, and we did have a busy spell this morning which was nice. Two coach tours went out this morning, one to Eastbourne and Canterbury, and the other to the Isle of Wight, so was all go on the yard for a short time.

P came up for a chat as usual, his sisters husband over in Ireland had died, and was a little sad about that, had tried calling her but hadn't managed to get through. He was quite upset because he couldn't get to Ireland to the funeral. Mr M came in too for a chat, but as MLO was there and as Mr M is quite shy, he didn't stop. he'll be in tomorrow probably. The man with droopy eyes came in again for the first time in months, and the ice cream van man too, so lots of chatty types today which was nice.

MLO needed to go shopping when I finished work this evening, so we went into town, got myself a lovely piece of fish for my tea, which went down a treat.

Mum was gallivanting round Oxfordshire today, Blagdon, Blenheim Palace and Woodstock.

I had a very odd dream last night. I was somewhere in America, at least that's what the houses looked like. It started out with us (myself and whoever I was with, don't know who they were), coming out of house, in front of us was a big old oak tree that was bare, not sure if it winter, or it was dead. One of the big side branches had come down onto a neighbours house and left a hole in the roof, I remember thinking, "Oh well, it could have been a lot worse" next thing, the tree cracks and another huge branch started to come down, I remember at that point realising it was somehow my fault, then woke up, so don't know whether the second branch caused any damage. Don't think I have ever dreamt of trees before. I did dream of Germany a lot once, but not for a long time. Cant explain that one either for that matter. Why do we dream? Quite fun though for the most part, admittedly.

Am now off to bed, see if I dream tonight, if I do I usually remember it. MLO says he never dreams, strange, either that or he does, and just doesn't remember.

Night night.

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