Muggy weather and fuel thieves.

Tuesday night, and yet again it is far too hot and muggy for comfort. It was like this yesterday, we were doing a spot of spring cleaning (or early summer cleaning), ended up frying. 

Apart from the housework yesterday was rather uneventful, it did rain for a couple of minutes, which we thought might freshen the place up a touch, but in the end it just made it even more humid and muggy.

Today at work wasn't too bad, up until the end that is. Had some numpty who decided that paying for the fuel he/she had just little drivead, rated the least important of their concerns at that time, and promptly drove off, without so much as a bye or leave. Didn't even manage to get their registration or description, as one of our coaches was parked across the front of the shop while it filled up with diesel.  Never thought for one moment that someone could do that, just because we couldn't see them, they obviously felt ok about buggering off, and stealing the fuel. Not nice. Pretty rotten having to tell El Bosso, he obviously wasn't impressed, but there wasn't a lot I could do. As soon as I heard the engine start up, I shot outside, but they had disappeared into the sunset.  Mr boss will never know who it was either, as he refuses to put cctv cameras up on the forecourt, despite us asking, so no way of seeing. We did say that there should be cameras for our safety as much as anything, but he wont listen. He has however put cameras all over the working areas of the drivers and men, so he can keep an eye on them and make sure they don't stop working when they shouldn't.  I am really annoyed that someone would do that.

When I finished this evening, I came home, and MLO said he had to take some samples to a farm, so I went with him for a nice little drive. Near the farm, we came across a buzzard in the road pulling at something dead, as we got closer the buzzard just stared at us as if he was willing us to leave him alone to finish his dinner. Quite amusing. When he realised we weren't going to go, it had a last beakful, glared at us and flapped off into a nearby tree. After that we went shopping for some bread and milk. Got home just after quarter to eleven, and had a salami sandwich for supper. 

Am just about to enjoy a nice cup of coffee, then off to bed. No work for me tomorrow, or for MLO, rare event us both being off together, so will enjoy it. Will go to the library as a couple of books need returning. I borrowed a C.S Lewis one, The Screwtape letters, and Saint Augustines City of God. Will need to redo the loan on the Augustine, I got as far as reading the introductory chapters, and then failed to read the actual book. So will re-attempt that at some point.

Anyway, must go for now, so ttfn.

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