Insomnia strikes again

I am sure that there is a very good reason for not being able to sleep when I should be sleeping, not totally sure what it is, but I am certain it isn't stress or health, so happy about that. I think what it is , now I have really thought about it, is that there is always something running through my mind, and my thoughts can take a pretty random turn at times, anything can and will pop into my head. I don't think I ever have a time when I'm NOT thinking about something or trying to work something out. I have a overactive brain, that's what it is.

Still wide awake, it is now half past four in the morning, the sky is light, and the dawn chorus was in full swing a few minutes ago. Even heard the cuckoo, which was lovely. Went outside and just stood and listened to the birdsong and the quiet. It is wonderful being up and around at this time of day, no traffic noise in the distance, everything new, still, peaceful and perfect. For a small short time of the day at this time of the year, it feels like it is just you, God and the world.  

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