A week off work!!

Today, as for the rest of the week, I have a day off. I took a week off as MLOs mother is also away, and it gives us a chance to have a little space, and time together without having to pay to go away anywhere. I don't think I, or MLOs mother could have chosen a better week to go away. Th weather is still spectacularly gorgeous. It must be at least 25 degrees out there right now. I have been tidying up around the path edges today, the grass has a very annoying habit of growing over the edge of the path and need cutting away every so often. Very satisfying cutting along and pulling great long strips of turf away off the path it is. Only problem was the ants, hundreds of them, I think I uncovered at least 5 separate nests of them. Mostly black, but also a couple of red ones too. All done now and the paths have a nice straight edge again.

As I am sat in the study typing and also looking outside, there are birds everywhere out there. A little thrush is busy with the snails again, and a couple of blue tits are chasing round hedge and trees. Lovely. Thrush has found another snail already, and is busy bashing it to pieces on the bricks of the drive.

I rang up the office yesterday to leave my name and address for the vicar, as he had asked, but the office was closed then. So I rang up again today earlier this time, and got through to a Scottish lady, who took my details. Things are moving on. Maybe only a little way, but forward nonetheless.

Anyway, am off to start getting dinner prepared, may blog later on. If not TTFN.

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