It is all in ze point, you see?

Well hello. (Said in a Leslie Phillips style accent). 

Not sure why I have chosen to blog today, but as I had interesting (by recent standards anyway) things occur today at work, I felt I would make the effort.

This afternoon a German registered Volvo pulled in, and out got a very tall man, who rather unsurprisingly then filled his car up.  A few minutes later he was all done and came in to pay. He had some of the most amazing eyebrows I have ever seen, they started at the inside corner of his eye, and then proceeded up his forehead at a perfectly straight 45 degree angle, made him look like a stern version of Mr Spock -minus the ears. He had a wonderful accent and spoke lovely English, when he paid he had to sign for it rather than use a pin number, he was very very particular about signing it too. When he presented it to me with rather a flourish, I said "Ooh..looks near enough to me" and grinned at him. My attempt at humour managed to completely pass him by, as he pointed at the receipt with his signature on and said " It is all in ze point, you see?" I didn't see and frowned at him a little, and he then went on to explain that in Germany someone had stolen his card and tried to forge his signature, which by all accounts was pretty good, except they forgot to dot the i, and his exceptionally efficient bank picked up on it. "It is all in ze point, you see". Well, now I did see. He laughed about it then and went off with a smile and a wave. I'll not forget him saying that for a while. 

Later on one of our account customers came in with their children who were allowed to choose an ice cream, anyway as they were leaving I said thank you very much to the dad, who said thank you  back, two children went out completely enraptured by the ice cream which they held in their hands, then the third, a boy, only about 5, said so seriously and sweetly "Thank you very much" I could have hugged him,  he was so, so sweet and polite.

Later still and P the old goat came up to visit. His back is still playing him up poor old bugger. However he seems more worried lately that he is going to be visited this next week by a couple of doctors from the local mental health hospital. I think one of his friends may have suggested that he is getting a bit senile, but from what I have seen -although I am certainly no expert, he seems almost all there, no different from MLOs mother who is the same age. But then again I only see him for a short time in the day. He really isn't happy about it, and I think he is quite scared that they will decide he cannot take care of himself, and move him away from the village which is where he is happy, and where all his friends are.  If he had to move, it would do far more damage than good right now, I know that.

Anyway, that is about it for now. Will see what tomorrow has to offer, but first, sleep. So night night.

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