Wednesday is library day.

Just another quickie, as it is late, and I really ought to be in bed. Have had quite an enjoyable day today. It was a day off work you see, so that helped. Went to the library earlier on today, turns out the books hadn't even been issued to me, as they didn't show up against my account, I had wondered why they didn't appear on my online account page, but sort of assumed that there was a software glitch somewhere. The woman in the library couldn't thank us enough.
From there, we nipped across the road for a coffee at the cathedral, well, MLO had a coffee and I had a tea. Lovely pot of tea it was too, we treated ourselves at the same time, I had millionaires shortbread and MLO had a delicious toasted teacake. Both were lovely.
Only had an hour in town though so had to leave.
The weather today has been utterly lovely. Wall to wall sunshine and not too hot to enjoy it. Perfect. MLOs mum went to Powis castle today and apparently had a lovely time there. She also had a letter off the hospital saying everything was hunky dory. She had had anemia and got a bit depressed after she convinced herself she had cancer after reading a magazine article, but after the doctors reassuring her she had nothing of the sort and after several tests she finally got the idea out of her head. Now with the letter, they have officially finished with her, she is so relieved, and said seeing it in a letter was a more definitive "You are OK, we don't need to see you again, bye", than just hearing the doctors tell her while she was there.

Have been adding a few things here and there to my blog, including a forum of all things. Whether anyone visits it remains to be seen, but hey it didn't cost anything so will be fun seeing what happens there. 

Have been feeling a bit strange the last few days, almost like I know I should be doing something, but am buggered if I can remember or figure out what it is. I get the feeling that I need to talk to the vicar, but why I think that I don't quite know, will be in church on Sunday though so will try to talk then, if the service is quite quiet anyway, wont get a chance otherwise.

Work again in the morning, so now am off to bed. 

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