New design - ooh the excitement...:-)

Well what do you think of my new look for the blog? I hoped it would make it look a bit more with it, as the previous design and colour sheme were a little bit brown shall we say, and anyway, I fancied a change. Have been messing around on it and have managed to add a table of contents and am busy setting up a links page. Will play around with it a bit more I think until I am entirely happy with it, but it is nearly there.

The next thing I would really like to add, is an image of some sort along the top, but as there was no provision made for an image in the templates header, other than a small logo, I will have to tinker around with it a bit.

Back to the day to day now. The weather has been very on and off today, one moment bright lovely sunshine, then a couple of seconds later a torrential downpor. We had one yesterday and the wind got up so quickly, and ferocious, I had never seen anything like it. Crazy weather. 

Work started off brilliantly this morning, then at around 11 the customers just stopped coming,could however have been something to do with the weather.

Anyway, just a quick one tonight, will hopefully post again tomorrow, so night night.


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