Light through the trees

What can I
  Say about
   The light
Filtering through lime trees
   Shelling peas
Till my fingers turned greener than grass.
What can I say
  Of my life
Of cares yet unknown
 Cared for in one
    Yet ungrown
Into knowing or strife.
How could I know
That the flowers
  Would grow and
   Petals would fall
    In the wind that blew through my soul.
What could I do
If I knew what would come
Would I stop
  Before I'd begun
    Stare at those trees
    As they blew in the wind
In degrees
  Turning seasons
   And reasons
Begging for answers
  As ransoms
  For wrongs.
Silent music, as songs
 That were sung
As cheerful as one
  With the knowledge
  That life
  That this life
Was all there was
    And for fun
Would I still sit there
And stare at the light
  That filtered through those trees.
A dappling breeze
 And a scent of a promise
  Through speckles of gold on the ground
    And found
   That it wasn't enough
Would i pick up my axe
And cut down those trees
  Trunk branch limb and leaf
   A blessed relief
  The light must be free
To have cut down those trees
  And discover
  A cloud
  I cant reach
  Beyond my control
  A breach
Of what I understood
Now if I could
I'd put back the trees
Re grow the wood
But I cant.

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