Perfect weather, and washing

Today, I have the rarest of commodities - a Saturday all to myself.  Lucky me eh? My mum, who would usually have the pleasure of my company every other Saturday (the week I am not working), has decided that she wanted to go off for a bit of a mooch round Huddersfield and the local area. MLO is at the football and has been since just after 11 this morning, MLOs mother was also out, first at a coffee morning in Tarrington, then also at the football, helping with the teas, before the match and at half time. I should at this moment mention the team that they support- Hereford United. Rather to MLOs disdain I do not support them myself, much preferring other sports like the Moto GP, and especially Valentino Rossi. Can that man ever ride. 

Back to today, the weather here has been completely and utterly perfect, bright blue sky, lovely and warm, a few fluffy white clouds, and a gorgeous breeze, all of which also made it a perfect day for doing washing. The weather has been quite awful for the last week or so, except Monday when I was out all day, so washing has mounted up, and needed doing desperately. It is  almost all dry and crisp and smelling gorgeous now, with only one lot left to hang out. All I need to worry about now is the ironing, and I really do not like doing that, not one bit!  I may leave that till tomorrow, when I get back from work.

Someone close has just got a barbecue on the go, oooh it smells wonderful, not sure what the smoky smell will add to my washing  outside but never-mind. I wonder if we should have one, last chance for quite a while according to the weather forecast earlier on, tomorrow is going to be atrocious weather wise by all accounts.

All my washing is now dry and lovely, but as yet remains un-ironed. MLO and his mother have now returned from the football, and are busy tucking in to grilled gammon and mash.  Must go and have my shower soon, so my hair is dry ready for work (it takes hours and hours to dry), then to bed.

Will only be going to the evening service at the country church tomorrow, due to working, but it is much better than not being able to go at all. I would get all jittery if I couldn't go. Will try to pluck up the courage to talk to the vicar tomorrow, and see if we can have another chat or not, as I now seem to have far more questions than I did before, although I can't believe that it was four weeks ago, time has flown by.  Problem is, I am not sure how exactly I should phrase what I want to say, without appearing either ungrateful, impatient, or pushy, perhaps I shouldn't say anything at all, and leave it a while longer? I don't know. 

Anyway, must go for now, will probably be back tomorrow after work and church, so TTFN all. 

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