Church this morning.

A lovely service at church this morning. Everyone there was in a wonderful mood, the peace went on for ages while everyone wandered round everyone else, the vicar managed to get to everyone too.
Interesting sermon, about "doubting Thomas" and the comparison he drew with the doubting Thomases in society today. The people who really would like to come to church, and those who need to come to church, for the support that it gives, are scared away, and doubt the good it will do them. Often they are scared by the institutionalism in the Church today. He said that as Church goers, as Disciples of Christ, we need to be the Church and live the Church, in everything we do, show people how lovely it is, and can be, and in showing them how we live and act towards all people, it should help to take away their doubts and encourage them to be a part of it.
Too many Christians like to tell others they are Christians, but they dont like to show how they are living as one. If we all show the love and charity that the first Christians were known for, and begin to spreads Gods love, then the world could begin to be a better place altogether, but we need to lead by example.
When we came back from church the F1 was on, didn't manage to catch all of it, but was great to see Redbull take 1st and 2nd places, makes a nice change to see different faces on the podium.
After that had finished the future Mother in Law decided that she wanted to go to Gloucester for a short visit, so we all piled into the back of her car and set off. Spent most of the time in Marks and Spencer, with a little time in Debenhams. Also paid a visit to the Homeware department of TKMaxx, at the old cattle market. Bought a lovely lampshade and a brilliant pair of hand shears.
Remembered when we sold the farm bringing some of the last of the old ewes here to sell, there was one ewe who quite a big animal, good and meaty, though she was barren, when the auctioneer came round to start selling our pens of animals, two men there rather fancied this sheep of ours and started bidding against each other without the help of the auctioneer. Think we made a record price for a cull ewe that day.
Back home now, and it is a glorious day in the sunshine. Just wondering whether to whip the pressure washer out and have a blast along the drives or not, or whether it is a little bit late for it.
Oh well almost time for dinner now, the other half is watching Man U and Everton on the telly, and the garden is calling so I will go for now. May post again later.

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