Today, is the second day that I have all to myself.
With my lovely other and his mother being away in London. I got thinking earlier though, that while, for me, having this time alone is a luxury, something to be savoured, as it doesn't happen very often, there are countless millions in this country and across the world, who have no-one to talk to for days on end, who long for a simple conversation, for company, or for someone to just hold them. I know that I have enjoyed this time all the more, because I know that the people I love will return tomorrow night, there is a certainty in this, a knowledge that this time alone will only be short lived, and so I can enjoy the luxury of it while it lasts. How different would I feel, if being left alone, I had no idea when I would see my family again, nothing to look forward to, never knowing when they would return, at what point would I lose any belief in seeing them again at all, and just give up hoping. I cannot begin to imagine how unhappy an existence that must be.

Then I thought, that for the most part, there is no need for a lot of these people to be lonely, to be unhappy this way. Most of us know someone who lives alone, and probably never has many visitors, either on the street we live, in our village, or even in hospitals or old peoples homes. To take a small amount of our time to visit them or even phone them up, maybe nothing much to us, but something that could mean the earth to them.
Having a faith in God, means that you know that you are never truly alone, but that knowledge may no longer mean much to someone who craves the company of another human. We are social animals after all.
Being a Christian, means that we should never knowingly ignore the plight of someone, whether they are lonely, hungry or otherwise. These people may themselves be Christian, or have faith in other religions, but due to their circumstances are losing their faith in God, and also in humanity in general. How lovely would it be to not only restore their faith in people and humanity, but to help them re-find their faith in God.
After that, there is nothing really to report on today, it passed without incident. The phone didn't even ring which was rather miraculous, as it usually never stops. Had better go now, as I really ought to get to bed, so goodnight all.

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