Today was quiet

Well, nothing much happened to day at work, very very quiet indeed. Plenty of time to think thing over in my head though.
Am watching Chelsea play Liverpool on the telly, cheesed off at the fact that Chelsea are currently winning. Booo. Liverpool Liverpool Liverpool.......come on you reds...
I doubt that will work though somehow..
Decided to be frugal tonight and had some baked beans in a bowl for tea, actually mainly due to the fact that I was just too bone idle to do anything any more complicated than that.
Decided that I would have light reading day today, nothing too educational, so have been reading one of my favourite authors the wonderful Phil Rickman, The fabric of sin. I borrowed it from our local library, I already have all his books, but most of them are signed, and still all stiff and new, and I hate it when books dont look all new, so borrowing from the library is perfect.
I advise anyone to give his books a go, they aren't exactly literary masterpieces, but are very enjoyable nonetheless. Plus an added bonus, is living in Herefordshire, almost all the places are known to me which is pretty darn cool, knowing that someone thinks so much of this county that he writes about it in his books. The later ones of his are about a priest Merrily Watkins, who takes over a church in Ledwarine, and all the strange things that happen to her and her daughter Jane. Meets a messed up musician, who has split up with his wife, falls in love with him, etc etc, ooh almost forgot, she is a bit of a modern day exorcist, or more correctly a deliverance consultant, so that takes her to some interesting places. His earlier books like The Man in the Moss, are equally good, but more standalone than a series as such.
Chelsea have just scored two more.. insert suitable expletive here..
Have a day off again tomorrow, so all being well, will be in the garden again (if the rain holds off that is). Anyway ttfn, cant think of anything more to say right now..


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