Peace perfect peace.

Well, I said goodbye to my lovely other and his mother this morning, at just after 8. The sun was shining, it was warm and the day could not have started out any better. Don't get me wrong I love the pair of them really, just wonderful to do my own thing for once without interruption or distraction.
I set to by getting several loads of washing done, so the kitchen, breakfast room and utility now smell like a chinese laundry, nice though. I even managed to get all of it dried on the line outside in no time at all, so was very glad about that.
Have turned the one room into the house into my "quiet space" for the duration, curtains are drawn, the candles are lit, and I found some myrrh oil that I bought a few months ago, and had a go at burning a little bit of it. Lovely smell, but heck is that stuff volatile, burns like mad for a few seconds then whoosh, gone. Must admit, I really rather like the smell of it. I must remember to shut the door however, as it produces quite a bit of smoke, and I really do not want to set off the smoke alarm.
Living in the country certainly has its benefits, absolute quiet after a certain time is definitely one of them. It is so quiet here right now I can hear my own heartbeat, and the silence seems to be whistling?? Not sure what thats about but it is most enjoyable.(Bizarrely enough).
One downer on the day though is my laptop seems to giving up on me. The screen started flickering and then slowly turned completely white, I think there must be a faulty connection somewhere, either that or the graphics card is failing, I hope that it is just a loose connection but I doubt that. Will look it up in a a bit and see what google can come up with, but whatever it is, I doubt it will be cheap.
Still, I still have my desktop, so it could be much much worse.
Something I found today was how much deeper and intense my prayers felt, Whether it was simply down to the quiet, or whether I was calmer in myself, I'm not certain, I will have a bit of a think about that when I say my night prayers shortly.
Started to re read "How To Pray" by John Pritchard today, have only got through the first few pages, but it seems that I am able to read it properly this time round, last time I only really skimmed through it, but now I am taking the time to really take in what he says, and also attempting to truthfully answer the questions that he poses every so often.
I think I had better go now, otherwise my night prayers will be into tomorrow. Will post again tomorrow all being well, so night night all.

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