Day in the garden

Have had a thoroughly wonderful day working in the garden today. The sun has been shining and was gloriously warm. The birds were singing their hearts out too. Finally got round to digging the edges for all the borders in the garden, so lots of beautifully rounded and straight edges everywhere. Nice to see a few inches of bare earth in front of the plants too. Wont be there for long though when they get growing in the next few weeks. Amazed at how overgrown the borders seem to get each year.
Managed to get a lovely set of blisters across my palms, and wondering whether I should leave them alone or burst them, perhaps I should leave them alone.
Well today I have been completely and utterly happy all day long, full of the joys of spring I suppose you could say. Have been in love with everything today oh God is great, just thought I would let you know. Am in a completely optimistic mood today, compared with yesterday, when everything was a bit doom and gloom. I was convinced I would be rejected at every turn, yet today, whatever God has in store, is fine, wonderful, marvelous and great. Have been grinning like a loon most of the day.
Listening to Classic FM and the top 10 currently at number four, with Beethoven. Definitely not one of my favourite composers. Waiting to see if number 3 is an improvement.
I managed to miss the moto gp, so not entirely happy about that. Especially when I found out that Stoner had won, and Rossi "Vale Vale Vale", sorry chant over, had only come second. I really dont like Stoner, he needs to lighten up a touch.
Have decided, I will absolutely, no messing have a word with the Vicar either this coming Sunday, or if I cant corner him there, I will phone up his office. So there. Thats telling you. I wonder how many of the Easter crowd will be in Church this time round, be great if they all turn up, but I doubt it.
Classic FM update. Number 3 is far better, one I love, just cant think of the name of it now. My mind has gone blank. Buggrit. Will think of it in a minute.
Had some lovely fresh macaroni cheese for lunch (homemade of course). Always goes down a treat. For tea, had a beef and mustard sandwich with some of the beef that was left over from lunch yesterday, promptly followed by a lovely cup of coffee. Delicious. Ooh, I forgot, had some homemade sherry trifle that was left from yesterday too, equally delicious.
Have just realised, I dont have any clean clothes for work in the morning, I got completely carried away in the garden and forgot about washing clothes. Buggrit for the second time.
Ah Vaughan Williams, and Fantasia on a theme by Thomas Tallis. That was it. Number two is Rachmaninov and piano concerto no2 in C minor. Another utterly beautiful piece of music. All thats left to find out is who or what is number 1. Place your bets now.
Vaughan Williams, The lark ascending was number 1 again. Totally agree. Beautiful.
Oh well thats enough for today, all is good in the world, have just had evening prayer, a bit late really, but I feel better and calmer, so good there will say night prayer when I go to bed, whatever time that will be.
Farewell for today.


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