I have had a really lovely enjoyable day today, mostly spent outside in the garden. Got almost all of the pressure washing done along the drives, just the patio that Needs to be done now. I think I will let my dearest other half do that. In the process of doing the drive, as it is all brick, the dirt between them kept spraying up all over me, I ended up looking like the Creature from the Black Lagoon. By the time I was finished I was soaked from head to toe. I'm sure that there is a cleaner way of doing it, but I havn't found it yet.
As the sun was so warm and shining so brightly the drive dried nice and quickly, so very satisfying doing the job as the results were almost immediately obvious.
Dug around the front garden borders today too, as my lovely other half decided to mow the lawns, I thought if I did the borders he could mow up to the edge nice and tidily. When he did the back lawns, he went round where I had dug last Monday, so it all looks nice and tidy now. Much better.
Other half and his mum are getting excited, as they are off to London on Friday. His one Uncle is singing at the Royal Albert Hall on Saturday, part of the Thousand Voices concert, where male voice choirs from across Wales get together and sing for their adoring fans. I suspect that most of the paying fans will be family members etc, but I may be wrong.
He is trying to convince his mother on the merits of the London Underground, but so far she remains unconvinced and will only entertain the idea of travelling by bus. She doesn't realise that you absolutely have to travel by tube when in London, it's the done thing dont you know.
Back to work tomorrow, after my weekend off, but I only have to work Till Thursday this week, I will be off Friday and the following Saturday and Sunday plus Monday too.
As My lovely other and his mother will be in the big smoke for the three days, I intend to turn the house into a haven of calm, tranquility and peace for the duration. No telly, radio or noise, just lovely peaceful music and quiet for me. It will be like a retreat but at home. I can't wait, really I cant. A whole three days of it. I will be reading, praying and contemplating. Another great thing about it is, without any noise in the house, I should be able to get a decent nights sleep for once. Bliss.
Forgot to mention that I had spent the day in Hereford on Saturday with Mother Dearest, a very leisurely day it was too. Mainly tea breaks briefly interspersed with a bit of shopping. Had a lovely lunch at Cafe @ All Saints. Smoked salmon as usual, mum had celeriac and shropshire blue cheese quiche. I tried a bit, it was rather delicious.
Anyway it is most definitely time for bed now, so night night all.

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