Day two

Hello again there to anyone who has chosen read this. Today has been a very quiet day for me. Work was ok, but hardly any customers. Paddy the old bugger came up to the shop again to have his usual moan, but that was about it really. Boss was in a peculiar mood, but that seems the norm these days, so I shouldn't be too surprised about it. 
Have done my evening prayer so nice and calm now.
Have been reading a few books that someone suggested I should read. The one (with an impossibly long title) "If you want to walk on water you have to get out of the boat" by John Ortberg, was an enjoyable read today (work really was quiet). I think I need to read it again to properly digest everything in it. Nice easy to read writing style though. The other book I am currently reading is "How to pray" by John Pritchard, the Bishop of Oxford. So far so good with this one, has made me think quite a few things over, so will keep reading and see where it gets me. The other book that was suggested was "The life and work of a priest" also by John Pritchard. I havn't started to read this one yet, and think I will save it for a later date, when I am confirmed and hopefully have had a chat with the vicar, a bit of an incentive to myself I suppose. 
I have the day off work tomorrow, so I will be going to church in the morning, unfortunately because of work it is the only service I can get to this week except for Saturday nights vigil, which I am really looking forward to a little sad that I cant make the Thursday and Friday services. But my boss is inflexible over things like that. Has got me working Easter day too, he will only honour Christmas day and Boxing day as holidays, but after working there almost 10 years, I should have known what to expect, but there you go.I can still make the Sunday evening service at the vicars other church so not all bad I guess.
Anyway off to have a shower and do my hair, so night night for now. Au revoir etc etc.


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