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This morning, MLO took me to work, which was awfully nice of him. He then proceeded to stay for the next two and a quarter hours. We ended up having a reaaly good talk about everything.
Previously, whenever I had asked MLO if he was ok about everything, he simply said "Yes, no problems, all ok." Thing was, I wasn't too certain that he really was all ok. I felt that something was niggling at him, but wasn't certain what. I thought that the reason he seemed a lttle bit unsure, was because he really wasn't certain in himself that he agreed that I should follow what I believed I should do. But, it turned out, that he really is A.OK about me doing it, it was just that he had a few little worries about things such as , would we need to move if I ever got to that stage, and what would be expected of him. Seems as though every time I had asked him if everything was OK, he was misunderstanding the way I intended the question. I meant was he OK, he thought I meant was he OK with me, he didn't realise I meant was he OK.
We are all nice and sorted out now, and I can tell a weight has been lifted off his shoulders. From a rather selfish point of view though, I was so relieved when he said that he didn't have any misgivings about me going ahead with things, I was so terrified that he didn't think I should. So, to be honest I am a lot lot happier now that's all sorted out.
The thing with MLO is he is never one to really show his feelings too much, and if you ask him he'll just say "Oh I'm alright" when you know he isn't really, but today he managed to talk about his feelings, worries and thoughts, in a way he has never managed before.
One of our customers came in today looking for computer advice. Not sure why they always come to me about it I'm sure, but I'm honoured that they do. Turns out, he has just had a savings account mature, one that he has had saving for 45 years, I cannot begin to imagine what sort of interest that has gathered, but anyway, with his new found wealth he wanted advice on which would be a good computer for him, a he has never had one before. He had been to PCWorld and to Comet and come up with a couple at the amount he wanted to spend, and also said he had spoken with the staff there. I do not understand why they do what they do there, and tell outright lies, in order to make a sale. They told him he would need at least 500Gb hard drive, 4Gb RAM, full hd screen, Blu-Ray, and a good graphics card, when he told them all he wanted to do was go on the internet. Cheeky buggers they are. They then tried to tell him that if he bought a computer off them, then he absolutely must buy their extended warranty, at £350 for two years. The computer is covered for that length by a manufacturers warranty, how can companies like PCWorld etc get away with it. Scaring customers with tales of woe, to make them feel obliged to buy the warranties?
Anyway, we found a really good one at Mesh computers for him, same price, but far far better.

On the way home tonight we saw an amazing cloud in the sky, after searching around on google, it turns out it was what is known as a cumulonimbus incus, very exciting to see. Other half got a pic on his phone, but unable to upload to my computer, so have another image off the net of one that is practically identical. If I can get the image off his phone, I will put that on aswell.

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