Tomorrow equals freedom

Well, tomorrow equals three entire days free from noise,people and distractions. Never for one minute did I ever think that I would look forward to being on my own for any length of time, always needing someone to be there when I needed someone to be there. Now since I have been trying to discern my path in life, I really appreciate the quiet times that I have. These quiet times however, are unfortunately few and far between.
So, I intend to make the most of this weekend, and am going to treat it as if I were on a retreat, but at home. As long as no-one calls I wont have to talk, but rather spend time reading, praying, listening to beautiful music at times and contemplating at others. Ooh, I am really looking forward to it.
Today at work was exceedingly quiet, nothing of note happened. Paddy turned up as per usual. and also moaned as per usual. This time about the budget. C**p was all he said about it. The man doesn't realise how lucky he is.
A strange thing happened on the way home tonight. In the sky, both my other half and I saw a small plane with a smoke trail, and six or more parachutists coming down from it, we drove on a few yards along the road, looked over and they had literally disappeared fom out of the sky. No idea where they went, none whatsoever.
Bit of a mystery really.
Anyway, I really have nothing more to say right now so I will go. Will probably blog tomorrow at some point, but not sure what I will write about, as I dont plan on doing anything particularly noteworthy.
Night night.

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