Today is Maundy Thursday.

I am at work again, and yet again there are no customers. Where is everyone? Have they all gone on holiday?
The weather isnt anything wonderful today, wet and with a nasty cold wind. Far removed from yesterday which was absolutely gorgeous.
We went into town yesterday as I had to go to the library and return a few books. I had fully intended to go to church for the morning service, when we got there we looked into the church, and instead of being in the usual place, there was a posse of lilac rinsers all sat up in the choir stalls glaring about the place. So I am afraid we chickened out of it. Didnt fancy seeing someone looking across at me or wondering who we were and what we were doing there all the time. These old ladies did look rather militant, perhaps they thought we would take their share of cakes coffee and biscuits after the service. So we went into town and then to the cathedral where we sat in the lady chapel and had half an hour of quiet and prayers instead. Which was lovely . What was quite amusing though was whenever a visitor or tourist came along they would be talking and happy, then when they saw us they went all quiet and started creeping around us. Sweet but still amusing. Not sure whether we looked particularly reverential or what.
Have been trying to re arrange my working days this week for later on this month. The other halfs uncle is singing down at the Royal Albert Hall on the 25th of this month. So a stay down there is required for him and his mum and I am the lucky so and so who gets to stay behind and look after the house. Oh well, will go to London to stop for a few days in the near future I guess. Anyway, it should be my weekend to work so need to swap.
I think I will have my lunch soon, being as it is lunchtime that would be a sensible option I suppose. Max sort again later.

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