My poem

I look into the light,
to see what lies beyond.
For answers to my longing.
The ache within my soul.
Night turns to day,
but back to night again.
Your joy is ever present
but also is your pain.
I cry within for answers
but they're already known.
The moment that I knew you,
the seeds of love were sown
To trust in you is all that i can do.
No options left to decide, what it is that I should do.

To serve you lord,
serve all of man.
Is my souls deepest longing,
I'll do it if I can.
But how can I prove it,
what shall i say?
Who do I go to?
Do I do it today?
To live a single day on earth,
as your lovely son would ask.
Is all I can aspire to.
Such a gloroious, perfect task.

Tears pour down my face.
Is it that Im sad?
Perhaps tears of joy,
I could be going mad.
I really need to talk,
but I've said all that I can say.
So I'll say it without words.
Get on my knees and pray.

Life each day,
with you there by my side.
You guard me and guide me
I have nowhere to hide.
If I ran,
You'd find me there.
But how could I ever leave,
A love so true and fair.

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